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"The Amazing Potato"

How would you like your baked potato - sliced and in a sock around your throat? This isn't a joke; it's an ancient cure for a sore throat!

Did you know that some people used to regard potatoes as animal food, and would eat them only in case of famine? That half of all potatoes grown in Canada become french fries? Or that you can power a clock on potato juice?

"The Amazing Potato" exhibit now on display at the Agriculture Museum in Ottawa, explores all aspects of potato culture, including its history and propagation throughout the world, crop diseases and pests, the technological evolution in the planting and harvesting of potatoes, the potato's impact on the world's agriculture and diet, and a wealth of stories, songs and sayings associated with the mighty and modest potato.

So don't be a couch potato just frittering away your time. Come to the Agriculture Museum where potatoes are hot! Look a potato "in the eye" and learn the tale of the spud on your plate!

"The Amazing Potato" exhibit is just that - amazing!

The National Museum of Science and Technology Corporation would like to thank Tom and Meredith Hughes, Curators of the Potato Museum in Great Falls, Virginia, for their generous contribution to this exhibit. They have shared with us their time, expertise and precious collection.

The Corporation also gratefully acknowledges the generosity of the following corporations / organisations who have sponsored or contributed to the production of the exhibit: Potato Growers of Canada, Prince Edward Island Potato Board, Mr. Crispy's Limited, Hawthorne Kitchen Boutique and Churchill's Victoria Ovens.

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