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Get your hands-on learning at the National Museum of Science and Technology

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The National Museum of Science and Technology invites teachers and students to share an exciting adventure in learning!

In the Museum you will find a stimulating atmosphere where your students will have the opportunity to discover, to enjoy and to marvel.Our 1996–98 school programs have been designed to complement the school curriculum in math, science, technology and change. They extend the classroom experience, emphasizing active participation, hands-on opportunities and problem-solving.
For the Guided School Programs, pre-visit information packages are available.

Guided Programs
Dynamic Museum educators present science and technology in unique environments with hands- on learning experiences. Intermediate and senior students are stimulated with interactive, problem-solving activities, demonstrations and discovery searches. Activity-centred workshops and programs are geared to the needs of younger students.

Self-Guided Programs
Self-guides enable students to explore highlights of designated exhibit halls. They encourage observation, exploration, problem-solving and interaction with Museum displays.

Especially for Teachers
Are you in search of a professional development opportunity? Free sessions at the Museum are held for teachers. See our educators in action. Become familiar with the range of exhibits, programs and educational services that the Museum offers to complement science, technology and social studies curricula. Call 613 991-3053 to request a session and to reserve a complimentary Teacher's Pass.


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