Our Mission and Vision

As the national repository of Canada's aeronautical heritage, the Canada Aviation and Space Museum is guided in its undertakings by its Mission and Vision statements to create a greater appreciation for Canada's aviation heritage, to demonstrate the vital role of aviation in the lives of Canadians and to illustrate the significance of aviation in the growth and prosperity of this country.

Mission Statement

The Canada Aviation and Space Museum invites Canadians of all ages and from all regions to explore the wonders of flight and the contribution of aviation to the transformation and development of Canada. It achieves this by collecting, preserving, depicting and displaying aeronautical artifacts and interpreting their significance—scientific and technical, social and cultural, historic as well as economic—to Canada and the world.

Vision Statement

The Canada Aviation and Space Museum will maintain and strengthen its place as Canada’s leading aeronautical museum and one of the best in the world. It will encourage a greater appreciation of Canada’s aviation heritage and the vital role and influence of aviation in the lives of Canadians and in the growth and prosperity of their country. At the same time it will open a window to the world of Canada’s place in the history of aviation. This will be accomplished by:

  • Developing and maintaining a representative collection of artifacts and archival material that is significant to Canadians and, in many instances, world aeronautical history.
  • Presenting creative and engaging programs that bring to life aviation history and that stimulate in all our visitors a lasting interest in the fascinating world of flight.
  • Disseminating accurate, relevant information about all aspects ofthe Museum and the wider world of aeronautics to the broadest possible range of audiences through electronic and other forms of media.
  • Providing an informative, enjoyable visitor experience that meets both actual and anticipated needs.
  • Conducting authoritative historical research in the field of aeronautics from a primarily Canadian perspective and supporting independent historical research by providing access to research resources.
  • Encouraging greater awareness of Canada’s rich aviation heritage through participating in networks of museums and cooperating with other organizations interested in aeronautical heritage at the local, national and international level.
  • Presenting the highest calibre of temporary and permanent exhibitions which communicate various aspects of the aviation story and complement the Museum's artifacts.