The Canada Aviation Museum’s mandate is to collect, preserve, depict and display aviation-related objects of all types, and interpret their significance to Canada and the world. The Museum’s collection focuses on the development of the flying machine, in both peace and war, from the pioneer period to the present time, with a particular but not exclusive reference to Canadian achievements. Therefore, the collection not only reflects the transformation of Canada’s aeronautical technology, but also fosters an understanding of this heritage within the broader world context.

Canadian Aviation through Time

Discover the connections between Canada’s aviation past and its present using the online exhibition “Canadian Aviation through Time”. Explore the Timeline to see how achievements in Canadian aviation fit within the wider context of science and technology milestones and international events that affected life in Canada between 1900 and 1945. Find out about specific aspects of Canadian aviation in the Mini-Exhibits, and try your hand at recreating aircraft from the Pioneer and First World War eras in the exhibition’s Game.

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Canada’s Got Treasures!

Canada’s Got Treasures! is an innovative online destination where museum treasures and your treasures come together. View some of the treasures from the Canada Aviation and Space Museum at Canada’s Got Treasures!.