Grades 4 to 6

Programs for the Junior Division make the connection between theory and the real world. Appropriate grade(s) are listed in each program’s description. Click on the program name to access a detailed explanation of the program, including relevant curriculum links to The Ontario Curriculum.

Science… at the Speed of Sound!

What part of an airplane makes sound? How do we make an airplane quieter? Science… at the Speed of Sound! answers these questions and more through hands-on experiments and an interactive tour.

Grade 4

Northern Wings

In this revised version of Northern Wings students will gain an understanding of the effects of air travel on northern communities through role-playing games and fun challenges.

Grade 4


Flight is our answer to the requirements of the new science and technology curriculum unit of the same name. It’s an updated version of our popular Properties of Air and Characteristics of Flight program with even more great hands-on activities!

Grade 6

Our Place in Aerospace

Our Place in Aerospace is a program which allows students to practice research and mapping skills as they learn about Canadian connections and contributions to the world through aviation.

Grade 6