Cold War Wings

This program concentrates on changes in aviation technology and the growth of the aviation manufacturing industry in Canada since 1945, as well as the role of Canada’s air force in peacekeeping.

Grades 11 and 12
$5.00 per student (minimum fee of $100)
Group size
Max. 28 students
Minimum of 6 adult chaperones per group (free)
Two groups concurrently
90 minutes

Program Description

This program is an interactive guided tour during which students will be expected to ask questions, make observations, and offer their thoughts about the various topics discussed along the way.

This program begins with a brief introduction to Canadian aviation history, from its beginnings in 1909 to the present, but will focus on the aircraft in our collection that were built after the Second World War. The program focuses on themes such as the contributions of remarkable individuals, changes in technology, the role played by the various aircraft visited, and how international and national politics have affected the aviation industry in Canada.

Curriculum Links

This program has enough breadth to meet the requirements of several Grade 11 and 12 history courses. Please advise us at the time of your reservation which course you are teaching, and we will adapt our content accordingly. The following courses will find this program of particular interest:


  • Canadian History and Politics Since 1945, Grade 11
  • World History Since 1900: Global and Regional Perspectives, Grade 11
  • Canada: History, Identity and Culture, Grade 12
  • Adventures in World History, Grade 12

Source Document: The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 11 and 12: Canadian and World Studies, 2005 (revised).

Teacher Tips

Remember: to help plan your trip, teachers are entitled to a free pass. Please call our reservation office to request yours today!

To get the most out of your experience, we recommend that you arrange your bus schedule so that you can spend 2–2 ½ hours at the Museum. This will give you an opportunity to visit more of the collection on your own, take health breaks, enjoy snacks or lunches, visit the boutique, etc.

Staying for lunch? Please ask our reservation office about table/lunchroom availability, as well as our catering service.

Pre or Post-Visit Activity Suggestion

Have your students visit our website and explore our new on-line exhibition, “Canadian Aviation Through Time”. The timeline shows how achievements in Canadian aviation fit within the wider context of science and technology milestones and international events that affected life in Canada between 1900 and 1945.

Fees and Reservations

Make a Reservation

Please make your reservation at least three weeks in advance by calling 613-993-4264 or click on the Reserve button to fill out an online reservation request. Please allow a minimum of 48 hours for our response.

Program fees are per person and include taxes. All accompanying adults per group are admitted free. Payment may be made in advance or on arrival by cash, credit card, debit, or cheque made payable to the Canada Aviation and Space Museum.

Program Per student* Minimum Fee

*Please note that all prices are subject to change without notice.

Cold War Wings $5.00 $100

Cancellation Fees

A cancellation fee of $80 per school program will be charged for cancellations made less than 48 hours before the scheduled date of the program. For a program cancelled with more than 48 hours notice, a $20 administration fee will apply, unless the program is rescheduled within the same school year. In the case of school bus cancellation due to inclement weather, this fee will not apply if a school reschedules the cancelled program within the same school year.