Made in Canada

This interactive guided tour allows students to explore the impact of aviation on Canadian society from the first powered flight in 1909 to the present day.

Grade 8
$5.00 per student (minimum fee of $100)
Group size
Max. 28 students
Minimum of 6 adult chaperones per group (free)
Two groups concurrently
90 minutes

Program Description

During this interactive guided tour, students will role-play to act out famous moments from Canadian aviation history. The program ends with a Reach for the Top-style quiz game.

Students will see famous aircraft first-hand, such as the A.E.A. Silver Dart, the Curtiss JN-4 Canuck, the de Havilland Canada Beaver, the Avro Lancaster, the Douglas DC-3 and the CF-18, among others. Famous Canadians discussed include Alexander Graham Bell, Elsie MacGill, Andrew Mynarski and Major Dee Brasseur. Barnstorming, bush flying and touching first-person accounts from new Canadians round out this program.

Curriculum Links

History: Grade 8 – Canada: A Changing Society

Specific Expectations

Knowledge and Understanding

Describe the factors contributing to change in Canadian society (e.g., immigration, technology, politics, globalization).
Describe the achievements of individuals and groups in Canada who have contributed significantly to the technological development of Canada and analyse the impact on society of new technologies.
Describe how specific individuals and events helped change the position of women and children in Canada.


Create an immigration campaign to attract immigrants to Canada around the beginning of the twentieth century and today, using media appropriate to the period (e.g., poster, pamphlet).

Source Document: The Ontario Curriculum, Social Studies, Grades 1–6; History and Geography, Grades 7–8, 2004 (revised)

Teacher Tips

Remember: to help plan your trip, teachers are entitled to a free pass. Please call our reservation office to request yours today!

To get the most out of your experience, we recommend that you arrange your bus schedule so that you can spend 2–2 ½ hours at the Museum. This will give you an opportunity to visit more of the collection on your own, take health breaks, enjoy snacks or lunches, visit the boutique, etc.

Staying for lunch? Please ask our reservation office about table/lunchroom availability, as well as our catering service.

Post-Visit Activity Suggestion

Available upon request, our related cross-cultural arts activity is designed to give students an opportunity to show their understanding of one of two topics: “How Aviation Changed Canada” or “Flying to New Home”.

Fees and Reservations

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Program Per student* Minimum Fee

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Made in Canada $5.00 $100

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