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This page will help you find the right program to suit your needs, based on the requirements of The Ontario Curriculum. Programs on this page are organized by subject and grade. Click on the program name to view specific details of a particular program. Select the grade level in the listing, or from the lefthand menu, to view all programs for a specific grade.

Quebec teachers, please click here to view our program offerings, organized in accordance with the Québec Education Program.

Science and Technology
Program Grade Level


The Big Blue Balloon Adventure Kindergarten
Where Do Airplanes Come From? Grade 1
Amazing Air! Grade 2
Science… at the Speed of Sound! Grade 4
Flight Grade 6
Aviation and Technology Grades 9-10
Social Studies / History
Program Grade Level


City Plane… Country Plane Grade 3
Northern Wings Grade 4
Our Place in Aerospace Grade 6
Made in Canada Grade 8
Canada and the World in Flight Grades 9-10
Cold War Wings Grades 11-12