Secondary Cycle Two

Programs for Secondary Cycle One take the form of highly interactive tours. We encourage students to ask questions and create a dialogue with their guide. Click on the program name to access a detailed explanation of the program, including relevant curriculum links to the Québec Education Program.

Workshops are currently in development. To suggest topics or offer to consult with our program developer, please contact Kimberly Reynolds, at

Aviation and Technology

From bamboo and wires to high-tech composite materials, our Aviation and Technology program will take students through the evolution of aviation technology in Canada.

Secondary Cycle Two

Canada and the World in Flight

Canada and the World in Flight shows students how aviation his influenced Canada’s development during the twentieth century, and how our nation has made significant pioneering contributions to the field of aviation.

Secondary Cycle Two, Year 1

Cold War Wings

Our Cold War Wings tour takes students through changes in aircraft technology and the aviation industry since 1945, against the backdrop of Canada’s political role on the international stage.

Secondary Cycle Two, Year 2