Biplane Rides

Back in Spring 2014

Feeling adventurous? Wondering what its like to fly in a vintage aircraft? Join us in the Spring of 2014 and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum.

Whether to mark a special occasion, to celebrate an anniversary or to experience a thrilling moment, this is a unique and memorable gift idea.

The Waco UPF-7

The Canada Aviation and Space Museum is excited to announce the return of another amazing season of vintage flight experiences over the Capital. As of May, visitors will be able to fly aboard a Waco UPF-7, an open cockpit biplane circa 1939.

Tours Offered

Five tours are offered for everybody’s enjoyment, so strap on your helmet and goggles and get ready…

  • First Flight

    Feel the wind in your hair and experience aviation as it was in the 1930s! This ride provides an introduction to flying at its best – in a vintage open-cockpit biplane. This ride is designed for the younger aviator. It is a 6 to 8 minutes ride in the air.

  • New! River Tour

    Travel along the picturesque Ottawa River. As this ride is not over densely populated areas we can conduct this flight at a lower altitude providing excellent picture taking opportunities. This is a 10 to 15 minutes ride in the air.

  • Parliament Hill Tour

    Strap on your aviator's cap and goggles and get a bird's eye view of Parliament Hill and downtown Ottawa. This is a 10 to 15 minutes ride in the air.

  • Gatineau Hills Tour

    Travel back in time as you soar serenely aloft the Gatineau River, viewing historic Gatineau Park, the Chelsea River dams, and the original river-logging route that helped found the City of Ottawa. Includes the Parliament Hill Tour on the return leg. This is a 20 to 25 minutes ride in the air.

  • Eco Tour

    Enjoy an extensive flight over the federal Gatineau Park with a close up look at Champlain lookout. This flight includes panoramic vistas of the entire Gatineau Park. Aerial views of the secluded lakes and river systems that have made this park world famous and the farmlands of Western Quebec and Eastern Ontario make this ride a must see! Includes the Parliament Hill tour on the return leg. This is a 30 to 35 minutes ride in the air.

Please refer to the fees table at the bottom of this page for more information on rates for these tours.

General Information

The Waco, operated by Central Aviation Inc., will take off 7 days per week from the Museum from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.. The aircraft seats up to two passengers at a time. Helmets and goggles will be provided to the passengers.

Fees and Reservations

For reservations, ticket and gift-certificate purchase, please call 613-316-7229. Payments can be made by cash, credit card or by cheque payable to Central Aviation Inc.

The Canada Aviation and Space Museum is happy to offer its visitors other amazing ways of flying over the Capital with the Helicopter Rides.

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