Project North Star

The restoration of North Star 17515 by volunteers was first considered some ten years ago at the suggestion of Robert Holmgren, a volunteer at the Canada Aviation Museum. His proposal for a collaborative effort between a volunteer organization and the museum restoration staff eventually received approval and Project North Star was launched. The museum prepared a restoration plan and initiated fundraising by establishing the North Star Trust Fund. On the volunteer side, a steering committee evolved into the Project North Star Association of Canada, incorporated as a charity. The association assumed responsibility for recruiting volunteers and raising funds needed to purchase tools and equipment used by the volunteers. Now, ten years later, we have many dedicated volunteers producing top quality work. The project is a model on how volunteers can play a constructive role in the museum's core responsibility of preserving Canada's aviation heritage.

Considering the scope of this restoration, progress has been impressive. One magnificent Merlin engine has been finished, and the second is almost complete. All four propellers have been refinished, most of the cockpit has been repainted and many of the instruments and flight controls are now in place. Numerous small but important tasks have been completed or are underway, such as restoring floors and upholstery and polishing metal panels. Each summer when the North Star is rolled out for public display, our volunteers receive many compliments on the wonderful work they have done. Members of the public often show their support by joining Project North Star, and some go on to become active volunteers. Our current volunteer workforce includes former aircrew, mechanics, military members, a diplomat, a doctor and a librarian! If you would like to support this effort or would like to know more about the restoration of North Star 17515, please visit or like Project North Star on Facebook.

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