Ride the Redbird

Have you tried to fly our Redbird FMX Flight Simulator yet?

Feel the sensation of flying without ever leaving the ground. Try out our new Redbird FMX full-motion platform flight simulator. Strap yourself into the fully enclosed cockpit surrounded by wrap-around visuals, as you take the controls and fly in and out of the Rockcliffe and Gatineau airports. Experience the astonishing realism of the latest in advanced flight-simulator technology, used to train pilots around the world.

Choose from 2 options

Redbird FMX Flight


  • Museum admission for one
  • 5 minute briefing
  • 20 minutes in simulator.

Redbird FMX Experience


  • Museum admission for one
  • 10 minute "pre-flight" inspection
  • 5 minute briefing
  • 30 minutes in the simulator
  • 5 minute debrief.

Fees and reservations

Reservations are required for the Museum's Redbird FMX Flight Simulator. The Redbird is available daily between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. To register, please call us at 613-991-3053. Fees can be paid by cash or by credit card. Ask about our gift Certificates!

Seven days advance notice to confirm reservations is required.

The prices do not include taxes.

Category Duration Price
Redbird FMX Flight 25-30 minutes $40
Redbird FMX Experience 45-50 minutes $80