How to Contact Us

Here are different ways of contacting us. Please visit our frequently asked questions (FAQ) section as you may find answers to some of your questions there.

By Mail or In Person
Civic Address Mailing Address
Canada Aviation and Space Museum
11 Aviation Parkway
Ottawa, Ontario
K1K 4R3
Canada Aviation and Space Museum
P.O. Box 9724, Station T
Ottawa, Ontario
K1G 5A3
By Telephone
Department Phone Fax
General information 613-993-2010 613-990-3655
Toll free (Canada only) 1-866-442-4416  
Communications and Marketing 613-993-4243 613-990-3655
Reservations 613-991-3053 613-993-7923
Birthday Parties 613-991-3053 613-993-7923
Education Services,
School Programs and Guided Tours
613-991-3053 613-993-7923
Community Programs 613-993-8964 613-990-3655
Facility Rentals 613-991-6064 613-990-3655
Volunteer Services 613-991-6091  
Library & Archives 613 990-5015  
Reproductions 613-990-4125  
Aeronautica Boutique 613-990-4340 613-990-4341
Membership Local

Toll free
Donations 1-800-288-0471 613-990-3635
Sponsorship 613-990-7621 613-990-3635
Operations 613-990-8974 613-990-3655
Lost and Found 613-998-0299  
By Email
Deparment Email Address
General information
Birthday Parties
Education Services,
School Programs and Guided Tours
Community Programs
Facility Rentals
Volunteer Services
Library and Archives
Aeronautica Boutique