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Message from the President and CEO

As the newly appointed President and CEO of the Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation (CSTMC) I would like to welcome you to our Corporate website. Having grown up in the National Capital Region I had the benefit of exploring the museums as a child — an activity which made a significant impact on my life. Having developed a taste for discovery I pursued degrees in both science and education which have opened endless opportunities for me personally and professionally. Our museums are incredible hubs that provide visitors with a dynamic, tactile interpretation of Canada’s transformation through our scientific and technological innovations. We realize that geography may present challenges for many  Canadians to visit our museums in person, so we have made a commitment to make our collection, research and knowledge accessible through the web.

Within these virtual pages you will find our strategic plans  and annual reports  which detail our efforts to both sustain a massive collection of historically significant artifacts and to share our passion for the many facets and applications of science and technology. I would encourage all Canadians to visit the websites of each of our three museums  for a more thorough description of the programs, products and services being developed and delivered for you. New information is added every week so you will want to visit the websites often.

At the CSTMC we welcome feedback, opinions and suggestions on how our work affects your community, and what you would like to see from your national museums. Your input and ideas on how to engage Canadians through our websites are welcome at: webmaster@technomuses.ca.

Denise Amyot


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