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Denise  Amyot
President and CEO
Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation

Denise Amyot

Denise Amyot is currently President and CEO of the Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation whose mandate is to foster scientific and technological literacy throughout the country. The Corporation and its three museums – the  Canada Agriculture Museum, the  Canada Aviation and Space Museum, and the  Canada Science and Technology Museum  – tell the stories of Canadian ingenuity and achievement in science and technology and demonstrate how these accomplishments have contributed to the building of our country.

Denise Amyot was most recently the Senior Vice President of the Leadership and Talent Management Sector at the Canada Public Service Agency. In this position, Ms Amyot was responsible for leading and managing leadership development programs, and developing policies for employees and executives throughout the Public Service of Canada.

She has worked both in National Headquarters and in regions in several federal departments including Human Resources Development Canada, National Defence, Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Heritage, and the Public Service Commission. In her former two roles as Assistant Deputy Minister, she was respectively responsible for the corporate management services as well as public affairs and ministerial services. She has worked extensively in policy and line operations in the context of programs and service delivery, in social, economic, and cultural areas. She also worked for a few years with the Government of the Northwest Territories.

Ms Amyot is the immediate past President of the Institute of Public Administration of Canada, Vice-President of the Head of Federal Agencies Steering Committee, member of the Board of Governors at the Ottawa University, member of the Board of Governors at Algonquin College, and member of the Editorial Board of the Canadian Government Executive magazine. She is the former President of the Association of Professional Executives of the Public Service of Canada and former President of the Communications Community Office.

Ms Amyot has obtained a Master's degree in Education and three Bachelor degrees in Biology, in Arts and in Education. Dedicated to a strong values-based leadership in the Public Service, Denise is also passionate about sailing, cross-country skiing and networking.

Message from the President and CEO


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