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Innovation Canada


In this Curator’s Choice we have presented but a few of the innovations Canadians have developed and used. Each is a testament to the ingenuity, creativity and skills of Canadians like yourself. Make sure to look for other truly Canadian innovations like the CN locomotive streamlined using wind tunnels at the NRC, the ship’s hull tested at the NRC’s Institute for Marine Dynamics in St John’s, the model of a CANDU reactor developed at Atomic Energy Canada in Chalk River, or the simple “rower” pump, which is currently having an impact on the lives of Bangladeshi farmers. In Innovation Canada, you will find many more examples, but even these are only the tip of the iceberg.

  The authorship of this issue of Curator’s Choice is a collaborative effort of the Museum’s Curatorial Division.

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This publication is also available as a brochure published in the Curator’s Choice series. It is also published in French in the series Le Conservateur raconte, under the same title, Innovation Canada.

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