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Public Service Announcement

August 10, 2009 For immediate release

It IS Rocket Science

Launch into summer and explore the science of rocketry at far-out activities at the Canada Science and Technology Museum. See how technology has changed over the years, experiment with amazing rocket technologies. Make it a family outing and try your hand at launching a rocket, then discover how rocketry contributes to your life.


  • The Great Canadian Balloon Rocket Challenge: Launch into action! Discover how air can make a rocket fly. Make your own balloon rocket racer, and then test it out.
  • Rocket Launch: Blast off! Join the fun as we launch model rockets in Technology Park.
  • Rocket Chemistry Workshop: Explore the chemistry behind rocketry. Experiment with reactions that make rockets fly sky high and launch your own antacid rocket.

When: Saturday August 15 - Sunday August 16 2009

Where: Canada Science and Technology Museum. 1867 St Laurent Blvd

Media contact:
Kelly Ray
(613) 949-5732

General information: (613) 991-3044.