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Reading Artifacts 2010 | Summer Institute in Material Culture Research

Reading Artifacts Summer Institute. August 15th-19th 2011

Presented by:

  • Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation
  • Collection and Research Branch and Conservation Services

Our acclaimed and innovative 2009 Summer Institute broke new ground on how to approach history through intense study of artefacts by bringing together international experts and participants from diverse backgrounds. This years SI will use the same formula to expose you to a unique experience and change the way you appreciate objects and material culture.


  • Graduate Students
  • Post-docs
  • Faculty interested in teaching history through artifacts
  • History professionals looking to expand their research methods

Participants will:

  • investigate artifacts, trade literature and photographic collections as resources for research, teaching, and the public presentation of history
  • work with leading collection scholars in a national museum setting to explore material culture methodologies and approaches
  • use artifacts as the centre of discussion and hands-on activities
  • immerse themselves in a material culture perspective of the technological past
  • learn the basics of conservation, cataloguing and developing collections in local environments – a growing and essential resource for history studies.

Location: Canada Science and Technology Museum, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Dates: August 15th-19th 2011
For further information contact: dnaoufal@technomuses.ca