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Butter Making

Butter Making

Program Description

In the Dairy Barn, students meet the calves and cows. Then, they learn the characteristics of mammals, discover where milk comes from, and handle old-fashioned dairy equipment. In one of the museum’s laboratories, students transform cream into butter – ready to be spread and tasted.

Curriculum Links

Kindergarten Science and Technology Preschool
Competency 5 — To construct his/her understanding of the world
Grades 1 and 2 Science and Technology —
Understanding Living Systems
Elementary Cycle 1 Science and Technology —
To explore the world of science and technology
    Geography, History and Citizenship Education —
To construct his/her representation of space, time, and society
Grade 3 Social Studies — Heritage and Citizenship    

Please see the following document for more detailed curriculum links: Ontario Quebec

Teacher Tips

The Museum is also a demonstration farm, complete with large animals and working machinery. Please advise students of potential hazards. See more pre-visit tips or download the pre-visit information PDF.


$9 per student, $1 per chaperone (group leader is free).
A minimum fee of $135 will be charged per group.


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