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Dairy Days Educational Activity Kit

Dairy Days Educational Activity Kit

It’s time to get up and milk the cow! Teach your kindergarten and primary students about dairy animals and their food products and by-products with this Dairy Days educational activity kit. Through activities, baking, experiments, games, and worksheets, students will:

  • recognize the characteristics of mammals
  • learn about the different mammals that produce milk for human consumption
  • discover the differences between water and milk
  • learn about the roles different animals and organisms play in the food chain
  • discover where milk comes from and how cows are milked
  • learn how milk is made into cheese
  • learn about and discuss preferences for different cheeses
  • learn what butter is and how cream is turned into butter

The Dairy Days educational activity kit, developed by the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum, links to science and technology, social sciences, language, mathematics, and arts curriculum requirements. It includes instructions, worksheets, answer keys, and a glossary.

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