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Energy Educational Activity Kit

Energy Educational Activity Kit

We need energy for everything we do. It’s what makes cars drive and airplanes fly, computers run and lights turn on. We need it to cook our food and to keep warm in the winter.

Teach Grade 1 students about renewable and non-renewable sources of energy and about energy’s different forms with this Energy educational activity kit. Through activities, worksheets, games, and experiments, students learn that:

  • certain objects use energy, like electricity, to help accomplish many tasks
  • living and non-living things get their energy from the sun’s heat and light
  • energy can be neither created nor destroyed
  • energy can be transformed from one form into another
  • wind and sun are powerful sources of energy

This kit includes resources to help your students: 

  • learn Grade 1 science and technology curriculum
  • develop literacy and comprehension skills
  • reinforce math skills like estimation and pattern completion
  • enjoy the arts by creating a musical instrument


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