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The Incre-Edible School Program Educational Activity Kit

The Incre-Edible School Program Educational Activity Kit

How does food get from the farm to the table? The Incre-Edible School Program educational activity kit, developed by the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum, teaches your primary students about food origins, food chains, and animal and plant life cycles.

Your students will be engaged through activities, experiments, worksheets, and even a treasure hunt as they:

  • discover where food comes from
  • discover the products and by-products obtained from animals
  • learn about food chains
  • study the needs and life cycles of animals and plants
  • learn which products are made from plants
  • learn about fungi and spores

This kit helps teach curriculum requirements in science and technology, health and physical education, language, mathematics, and the arts. It includes all necessary instructions, worksheets, and answer keys.

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