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Properties of and Changes in Matter: Bread

Properties of and Changes in Matter: Bread

Program Description

Explore changes in matter by transforming grains of wheat into a delicious loaf of bread. Students learn key bread-making processes, including fermentation, protein coagulation, and starch gelatinization. At the same time, students discover that a kitchen is, after all, a wonderful science lab!

Consult this Educational Activity Kit for ideas to extend the learning — and the fun! Properties of and Changes in Matter: Bread Educational Activity Kit

Curriculum Links

Grade 5   Science and Technology — Understanding Matter and Energy Elementary 
Cycle 3
Science and Technology, Competency 2 —
To make the most of scientific and technological tools, objects, and procedures

Please see the following document for more detailed curriculum links: Ontario Quebec

Teacher Tips

Make name tags to help the Museum Educator build rapport with students. Stay for lunch (not provided) in the outdoor picnic area. See additional pre-visit tips or download the pre-visit information PDF.


$9 per student, $1 per chaperone (group leader is free).
A minimum fee of $135 will be charged per group.


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