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What’s to Eat Educational Activity Kit

What’s to Eat Educational Activity Kit

Is it a plant or an animal? With the What’s to Eat educational activity kit, developed by the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum, your primary students learn about food’s origins, germs, and healthy living.

Through activities, games, experiments, and worksheets, students will be engaged as they:

  • learn where their food comes from
  • realize that food safety starts on the farm and ends at home
  • explore and compare the different materials used in food packaging
  • learn the importance of food processing and refrigeration
  • learn how easy it is for germs to spread
  • learn what food-borne illnesses are and what causes them
  • understand the importance of proper food handling, cleanliness, and handwashing
  • learn about Canada’s Food Guide, the importance of eating a balanced diet, and living a healthy lifestyle

This educational activity kit links to curriculum requirements for science and technology, social sciences, health and physical education, language, mathematics, and the arts. It includes instructions, worksheets, answer keys, a hand-washing poster, and a glossary.

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