Food for Health — Past Suitcase Exhibition

Past Suitcase Exhibition

This tabletop exhibition is perfect for elementary schools. It takes a fresh look at the foods we eat. Specifically, it answers many of the questions Canadians have about their food choices, food safety, and the role food plays in ensuring good health.

Set up in advance of the full Food for Health exhibition, it provides visitors a taste of what’s to come. Once the full exhibition is in place, share the suitcase exhibition with other organizations or schools in the community. We’ll make all the arrangements — you simply cover the cost of shipping the suitcase to its next destination. Whether and what you charge these other groups is at your discretion.


Outreach Officers
Solange Claude 613-990-4237
Maren Hackett 613-404-6426
Toll free 1-866-442-4416 (in Canada)

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