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Feature Animal - The LaMancha Goat

The LaMancha Goat

The origins of the LaMancha dairy goat breed is the United States, but they are actually descendants of breeds found in Spain. Several of these goats were sent to the Paris World Fair for exhibition in 1900, and it became a full-fledged recognized dairy breed in Oregon in 1958.

What makes these goats very unique is that they have 2 types of very small ears: either the “elf ears” which are about 2 inches in length or the “gopher ears” which are about 1 inch in length. The gopher ears lack most of the cartilage of elf ears.

The LaMancha is an excellent milk producer. They can produce up to 6 litres of milk a day with a very high percentage of butterfat. Their coat is short and fine and also varies in a wide range of colours. They can withstand a great deal of hardship and have a calm, quiet and gentle temperament. Very curious by nature, they prefer being in a group and spend most of their time eating shrubs, trees and grass.

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