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The Secret Life of Soil

Soil is right beneath our feet, yet the majority of Canadians don’t stop to think about it. Contained within a few dozen centimeters of incredibly rich material is the foundation to grow the food, feed, fibres, fuels, and medicinal products that we depend on for our quality of life.

It is estimated that 95% of our food is directly and indirectly produced in our soils worldwide. This makes the topic of soil management and soil conservation relevant to all visitors. As one of the leading countries in agricultural research and production, Canada has a vital role to play. The Canada Agriculture and Food Museum will work with partners — from every sector — to foster a greater appreciation and understanding of this finite resource, by developing a unique exhibition and a travelling display that will reach communities from coast to coast to coast.

Join the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum and our partners as we share the evolving story of soil stewardship with Canadian and international audiences.

Working together, we can shine a light on the secret life of soil!

Learn more about the museum's current programs that promote a healthy knowledge of soil in our Soil Lab.

For more information on the Corporate Sponsorship Program, please contact:

Kerry-Leigh Burchill
Director General, Canada Agriculture and Food Museum
Canada Agriculture and Food Museum, Ottawa, ON
Phone: 613-230-2770 Extension 2000
Email: kburchill@ingeniumcanada.org

Nori Gowan
Business Development
Canada Agriculture and Food Museum, Ottawa, ON
Phone: 613-219-7409
Email: ngowan@ingeniumcanada.org

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