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May 2, 2013

Newly renamed Canada Agriculture and Food Museum inaugurates new Learning Centre and exhibition

OTTAWA, May 2, 2013 – Today, the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum (CAFM) is proud to announce its new name and inaugurate an exciting new Learning Centre and exhibition.

The Museum has added ‘Food’ to its name to draw a stronger and important link between agriculture and food. The ultimate goal of agriculture is to produce food that sustains and nourishes us. And through the new Learning Centre, the CAFM will be able to vastly expand its programming, teaching children and families about the how’s and why’s of getting food from the farm to the fork.

“The CAFM is truly a showcase for Canadian agriculture, food production and the science and technology which feeds the nation,’ says Canada Science and Technology Museums CEO Denise Amyot. “This new Learning Centre will enable us to do it better, and our new ability to fully operate year-round will allow us to reach an even greater audience than before. This project was a major undertaking which will see us reap great benefits, and I want to thank and congratulate all of those who have made it such a success.

Following the completion of a $4.6 million retrofit of a heritage Central Experimental Farm building, the newly modernized Learning Centre is now the ‘hub’ of year-round Museum and community activities focused on Food. Located in the heart of the nation’s capital on the Central Experimental Farm National Historic Site, the Learning Centre introduces a new suite of interactive, educational and community programming centred around the food we eat. The Centre design includes new exhibition space, a lecture hall, event space, modern learning labs and other visitor amenities.

The first exhibition to be showcased in this new Learning Centre is called A Piece of Cake! This exhibition will allow visitors to understand that getting the ingredients for a simple cake recipe from the field to the fork is no mere ‘piece of cake’.

The emphasis on food is reflected in the new exhibition, as well as an upcoming exhibition on food science, which will be presented thanks to the support of CAFM’s new sponsor, Nestlé Canada. In addition, Nestlé Canada is supporting a classroom in the new Learning Centre, the Nestlé Good Food Good Life Learning Lab.

‘We’re very happy and proud to be partnering with the Museum,’ says Shelley Martin, President & CEO of Nestlé Canada Inc. ‘As the leading Nutrition, Health & Wellness company worldwide, we’re passionate about food and food science. We value and support education about food, where it comes from, how it’s made and how it fuels us, and the new Learning Centre, Labs and exhibition are exciting new platforms for this kind of learning.’

The public opening of the CAFM’s new Learning Centre will take place on Saturday, May 4 2013. Members of the public are encouraged to come and visit the new facilities.

About the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum (CAFM)
Located on a heritage site of the Central Experimental Farm, near the National Capital’s downtown core, the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum offers its visitors the unique experience of a fully functioning farm in an urban setting. Part of the Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation, the CAFM is mandated to preserve Canada’s agriculture and food heritage, and to share and promote scientifically accurate knowledge about the way agriculture is best practiced and food produced and consumed in Canada. The CAFM is proud to count on the financial support of generous sponsors, such as the Canadian Fertilizers Institute (insert other important sponsors other than Nestlé here). However, the CAFM’s mandate is to provide factual, unbiased information and education about agriculture and food to Canadians, and the CAFM prides itself on the accuracy, independence and objectivity of the content it produces and presents through exhibitions, guided visits, and other means of communication with the public.

About Nestlé Canada
Backed by more than a century of research and experience, Nestlé Canada's Vision is to be Canada’s number one food and beverage company, helping Canadians live happier and healthier lives. Nestlé in Canada manufactures some of the world's most recognized and trusted brands, including STOUFFER'S, LEAN CUISINE, NESQUIK, NESTLÉ GOOD START, POWERBAR, HÄAGEN-DAZS, KIT KAT, NESCAFÉ, NESTLÉ PURE LIFE, NESTLÉ DRUMSTICK, NESTLÉ PROFESSIONAL and Nestlé Purina BENEFUL. Nestlé in Canada employs approximately 3,600 people in more than 20 manufacturing sites, sales offices and distribution centres across the country.


Olivier Bouffard
Media relations

Selena Fiacco
Manager, Corporate Affairs
Nestlé Canada Inc.

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