Fascinating Experiments

Napkin in Water


  • A small, clear bowl or other similar container
  • A clear drinking glass (plastic is fine)
  • Water
  • Coloured tissue paper
  • A towel or paper towels


  1. Fill the bowl or container with water.
  2. Scrunch up the tissue paper, and insert it in the drinking glass.
  3. Turn the glass upside down, and quickly plunge it into the aquarium, pushing it all the way to the bottom.
  4. Hold it in place as long as desired.
  5. Remove the drinking glass.
  6. Examine the tissue paper.

    Tip: When removing the drinking glass from the water, pull it straight up and wipe it off with the towel so that drips don’t get onto the tissue paper as you turn it over.

Napkin in Water
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Ontario Curriculum Links

Grade 2

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Understanding Earth and Space Systems

  • Air and Water in the Environment
    • Investigate, through experimentation, the characteristics of air
    • Investigate, through experimentation, the characteristics of water

Grade 6

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Understanding Structures and Mechanisms

  • Flight
    • Use scientific inquiry/experimentation skills to investigate the properties of air

Quebec Curriculum Links

Elementary Cycle Two


  • Matter
    • Properties and characteristics of matter on Earth
      • Soil, water and air

Suggestions for Art Activities

If you’ve got budding magicians in your class, this is the experiment for them! Once they’ve mastered the experiment, have them work on performing it as though it is part of a magic act. Go the whole nine yards with costumes and props! What other science-is-magic experiments could they do? Students could perform for younger grades, then invite parents in for a command performance!       

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