Flight Pre- and Post-Visit Activities

Start the fun a little early, or keep it going a little longer! Before or after you bring your class to the Museum for the Flight school program, try these selected activities from the Museum’s Student Activity Kit (PDF):

  • The Main Parts of an Airplane (page 19) Build a basic aviation vocabulary by filling in the different parts of an aircraft.
  • Parts that Control Airplane Movement (page 22) Talk about the three main control surfaces of an airplane as students colour each in a different colour.
  • The Four Forces of Flight (page 23) Use this activity as pre-visit preparation or a post-visit review.
  • The Memory Game (pages 24 to 26) Give the class a sneak peek at the Museum by letting them play the memory game. Instructions for the game are at the start of the document, along with a brief history of each aircraft. The aircraft histories could also be used for language arts activities.
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