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Where Do Airplanes Come From?

As of February 1, 2019

Program Description

If you invented an airplane, what would it look like? What materials would you use to build it? What job would your airplane do? Students get a chance to explore these questions and more in Where Do Airplanes Come From?

Ontario Curriculum Links

Grade 1

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Understanding Structures and Mechanisms

  • Materials, Objects, and Everyday Structures
    • Use technological problem-solving skills and knowledge acquired from previous investigation, to design, build, and test a structure for a specific purpose.
    • Describe structures as supporting frameworks.
    • Describe the function/purpose of the observable characteristics of various objects and structures, using information gathered through their senses.
    • Identify the materials that make up objects and structures.
    • Distinguish between objects and materials found in nature and those made by humans.
    • Describe the properties of materials that enable the objects and structures made from them to perform their intended function.
    • Identify the sources in nature of some common materials that are used in making structures.

Quebec Curriculum Links

Elementary Cycle 1


  • Learnings
    • Classification of objects according to their properties and characteristics
    • Everyday technical objects
      • Description of parts and mechanisms
      • Identification of the needs this object was originally designed to meet

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