Transparency and Accountability

Proactive Disclosures

As part of its commitment to proactive disclosure, Ingenium makes its Travel and Hospitality Reports available to the public.

Annual Expenditures for Travel, Hospitality and Conferences

As required by the Treasury Board Directive on Travel, Hospitality, Conference and Event Expenditures, this report provides information on the total annual expenditures for each of travel, hospitality and conference fees for Ingenium for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2017. It also provides variance explanations from the previous year in each of these areas.

This information is updated annually and does not contain information withheld under the Access to Information Act or the Privacy Act.

Expenditures on travel, hospitality and conference fees incurred by Ingenium are related to activities that support Ingenium's mandate and the government's priorities.

Expenditure Category Expenditures for the year ending March 31, 2017
Expenditures for the previous year ending March 31, 2016
(a – b)
(in thousands of dollars)
Travel – Public Servants $389 $314 $75
Travel – Non-Public Servants 22 2 21
Total Travel 411 316 95
Hospitality 29 23 6
Conference Fees 47 51 (4)
TOTAL $487 $390 $97
Significant variances compared to the previous fiscal year
No significant variance to report; expenditures for travel, hospitality and conferences have been stable at approximately $450K annually for the last five years.

Executive Expenses

Information about travel and hospitality expenses incurred by the President and Chief Executive Officer (since April 1, 2011), and the Vice-Presidents of Ingenium is available below.

Ingenium extends travel and hospitality in accordance with the guidelines and rules outlined in its Travel and Hospitality Directives, to ensure the control and efficient administration of expenses that are incurred and that contribute to the Museums’ business.

Fernand Proulx, Interim President and Chief Executive Officer

Monique Horth, Vice-President, Collection, Research and Corporate Governance

Christina Tessier, Director General, Canada Science and Technology Museum

Christopher Kitzan, Director General, Canada Aviation and Space Museum

Kerry-Leigh Burchill, Director General, Canada Agriculture and Food Museum

Jacey Kennedy, Vice-President, Business Development

Geneviève Breton, Vice-President, Public Affairs and Marketing

Former executives

Alex Benay, President and CEO

Denise Amyot, President and CEO

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