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Zoetrope: A 3D exploration of animation and sight

With downloadable 3D files and activity sheets, students can explore an early animation device and how it uses the optical illusion of persistence of vision to give the appearance of motion. Emphasis is placed on building a functional zoetrope and allowing your students to be creative in determining its final form.

The 3D printing file for the zoetrope can be downloaded individually. Worksheets and 3D print files for the module can be reproduced as necessary for your classroom.

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3D Printing File - Activity

Download and print your very own zoetrope! These .stl files contain a modified version of a zoetrope found in Ingenium's artifact collection and are used in the activities found on this webpage.  They can be reproduced as needed for your classroom, and edited by students to see the impact of their changes.

Download STL of the Stand

Download STL of the Base

3D Artifact File

The file below is an unmodified 3D scan of the zoetrope found in Ingenium's artifact collection.  It is not used in the activities found on this webpage, but it can be downloaded, viewed and examined.

Download STL of the Artifact


Download these files to use in the activities below.

Blank Strip Template

Drum Template

Pre-drawn Template

Pre-drawn Template: Example

Rectangle Template

Zoetrope Strips

These zoetrope stripes are part of Ingenium's collection of artifacts. They were made out of paper, their images drawn with ink, and they were likely manufactured before 1900. Download these strips to use in the "Build a Zoetrope" activity


Build a Zoetrope - Activity

In this activity your students will build their own zoetropes and learn how it makes a series of images seem like they are moving.

Download PDF

Create a Zoetrope Strip - Activity

Your students will have the chance to stretch their creative muscles and create their own zoetrope strips.

Download PDF


The artifacts collected, preserved, and displayed by Ingenium showcase Canada's rich history of innovation in science and technology. Each artifact tells a story of innovation and illustrates how science and technology have contributed to the transformation of Canada. Learn more about this artifact with this "ArtiFactsheet".

Download PDF

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