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July 8, 2015

Canadians Can Join the Discussion about Celebrating Historic Scientific and Technological Innovation

OTTAWA, July 8, 2015 — The renewal process of the Canada Science and Technology Museum is underway before it re-opens in 2017, and the Museum is asking Canadians to contribute their thoughts and wishes about the way great Canadian innovators should be celebrated.

The Museum is home to the Canadian Science and Engineering Hall of Fame. In recent months, there has been public debate about the process through which Canadians who have made outstanding contributions to science and engineering are inducted into the Hall of Fame, and about the lack of diversity of inductees.

To address these concerns, the Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation has been consulting with partners and stakeholders within the scientific community about whether and how the Canadian Science and Engineering Hall of Fame could evolve into something different. This consultation process is now extended to the Canadian public at large.

“We have had fruitful discussions and compelling input from our partners and stakeholders in the scientific community about how best to ensure that the richness and diversity of Canadian society is reflected when it comes to celebrating the highest level of innovation and achievement,” said the Corporation’s CEO Alex Benay. “However, the Museum belongs to the Canadian public at large, and we want to ensure our ultimate guidance comes from those who matter most: Canadians.”

Until Friday, August 14, 2015, members of the public are invited to answer a few key questions regarding the future of the Canadian Science and Engineering Hall of Fame. Answers can be submitted by visiting the Corporation’s website.



Geneviève Breton
Vice-President, Public Affairs

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