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Astronomy Resources

Over 400 years ago, Galileo discovered the stars using his now-famous astronomical telescope. Centuries later, you can discover the wonders of astronomy with these resources from the Museum.

Educators — bring a part of the Museum right into your classroom with the Astronomy Virtual Program. The program is bursting with engaging activities — from hands-on demonstrations to creative worksheets and project ideas.

Star Charts and Activity Templates cstm

Find and identify stars and constellations in the ever-changing night sky with these handy resources, including a build-it-yourself planisphere!

ArtiFactsheets cstm

Download these fun, informative posters for facts-at-a-glance about some of the Museum’s astronomy-related artifacts.

Astronomy Videos cstm

Explore sundials, optical telescopes, and radio telescopes with these short astronomy videos featuring artifacts from the Museum’s collection.

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