Astronomy Resources

Astronomy Videos

Learn more about Astronomy with this series of short videos. These videos, created in celebration of the International Year of Astronomy, showcase artifacts from our collection.

Our Astronomy Virtual Program helps educators bring a part of the Museum to their students! This program is bursting with engaging activities — from hands-on demonstrations, to creative worksheets and project ideas.

Sundials cstm

Explore the 3,000-year history of sundials through a model made in Canada and currently part of the Museum collection.

Radio Telescopes cstm

Did you know you can “listen” to the stars? Learn about radio telescopes and how they changed our view of the Universe in this short educational video.

Optical Telescopes — Part I cstm

Explore the technology behind telescopes through the Zenith Telescope, used to chart the boundary between Canada and the United States.

Optical Telescopes — Part II cstm

Discover the 15-inch refracting telescope originally housed in Ottawa’s Dominion Observatory and now housed at the Museum.

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