School Programs 2018-2019

A Trip Around the Sun

A Trip Around the Sun

Program Description

What is our primary source of heat and light? How do Earth’s daily and seasonal cycles affect everyday life? Through the museum’s exhibits, students discover the technologies that allow Canadians to enjoy our seasons. They are also introduced to the concepts of heat, light, day, and night as they explore the changing seasons in the museum’s inflatable planetarium.

Curriculum Links

Kindergarten Belonging and Contributing, Self-Regulation and Well-Being, Demonstrating Literacy and Mathematics Behaviours, Problem Solving and Innovating Preschool To construct his/her understanding of the world
Grade 1 Science and Technology – Daily and Seasonal Changes Elementary Cycle 1 Science and Technology – Earth and Space (Systems and Interaction)

Please see the following document for more detailed curriculum links: Ontario  Quebec (PDF, 174 KB)

Teacher Resources

Before and after your museum visit, consult these activities – specially designed to extend learning in the classroom!

Teacher Tips

Make name tags to help the museum educator build rapport with students. Students may bring a lunch or purchase one from the museum’s café.

Teachers may preview the museum free of charge at any time, by presenting proof of their teaching status at the admission desk.

Consider familiarizing your group with our site by downloading a PDF document and PowerPoint presentation available below.


$9 per student.
A minimum fee of $135 will be charged per group.


To reserve this program, please complete the online reservations request form.

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