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Idea to Prototype

Leonardo da Vinci was a creative genius, able to come up with unique and inspired ideas that no one had ever tried. His greatest strengths lay in his curiosity, and his determination to figure out how to make things work.

To provide inspiration for this maker-oriented workshop, groups booked between May 2 and June 21, 2019, will get a sneak peek at the exhibition, Leonardo da Vinci—500 years of Genius.

Idea to prototype participants will be asked to help find solutions to challenges surrounding climate change, sustainability, architecture, engineering, and other United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. After a tactile brainstorming exercise that focuses on generating ideas and prototyping, students will engage in a series of scientific investigations, followed by presentation of their creations to the group.

This playful educational session has been specifically designed to develop students’ critical thinking and communications skills. Workshop tasks encourage them to be collaborative, resilient and goal oriented—while also testing their innovation and creativity.

Curriculum Links

Grade 6 Understanding Life System – Biodiversity Secondary
Cycle 1
COMPETENCY 1 – Seeks  answers  or  solutions  to  scientific  or  technological  problems

Technological World – Technological Systems
Grade 7 Understanding Life System – Interactions  in the environment

Understanding structures and mechanisms – Form and Function
Cycle 2
COMPETENCY 2 – Makes the most of his/her knowledge of science and technology

Technological World – Engineering
Grade 8 Understanding Structures and Mechanisms – System in Action
Grade 9 Science SNC1D, A1 – Scientific Investigation Skills
Grade 10 Science, SNC2D, A1 – Scientific investigation Skills
Grade 11 Environmental Science SVN3E, A1 – Scientific investigation Skills  
Grade 12 Physics SPH4U and SPH4C, A1 – Scientific investigation Skills      

Teacher Tips

Please make name tags to help the Museum’s educator build rapport with your students.

Students may bring a lunch, or purchase food in the Museum’s café.

To ensure the smooth running of this activity, please create groups of three participants each (maximum four), and give each group a number prior to arriving for your workshop.

Consider familiarizing your group with our site by downloading a PDF document and PowerPoint presentation available below.


$10 per participant.
A minimum fee of $150 will be charged per group.


To reserve this program, call:


1-866-442-4416 (toll-free)

You may also complete the online reservation form or email

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