Space Exploration Edukit

Space Exploration Edukit

Students discover Canada’s rich history of Space exploration, from the Alouette to the International Space Station. They examine the basics of propulsion, learn about the collapsible STEM (Storable, Tubular, Extendible Member) antenna, and enjoy hands-on activities exploring the size and scale of our solar system.

Program Description:

This bilingual Edukit consists of four modules:

  1. Where is Space? — Gain an understanding of the concept of Space, and the distance scale in our solar system.
  2. Rockets and Spacecraft — Examine both the history of Space exploration and the fundamentals of rocket propulsion. Hands-on activities include building the Canadian-invented STEM collapsible antenna, launching a pop-bottle rocket, and using a simple altimeter to measure the rocket’s altitude.
  3. Explore the International Space Station — Learn about the ISS, with a special emphasis on Canadian contributions, including the Canadarm, the Canadarm2, and the new Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator (known as “the hand”). The life of astronauts on board (again, with an emphasis on Canadian astronauts) is also examined, with topics ranging from what they eat, to the work they do, to how and where they do their “daily business” — in other words, things of interest to students in Grades 4 to 6! Hands-on activities include building a model space station (templates provided).
  4. How do Spacecraft Stay in Orbit? — Explore gravity and how it affects Space travel. Hands-on activities include a section on how spacecraft stay in orbit, as well as several activities designed to demonstrate and reinforce the concept of microgravity.

Interactive Props

  • Mini-telescopes
  • FRS radio
  • Altimeters
  • STEM antenna demonstrator
  • Globe
  • Water-rocket kit
  • Orbit simulator
  • Microgravity demonstrator

Additional Information and Learning Aids

  • Extensive manual for teachers, including background material, templates, and lesson plans for activities
  • Laminated photos and transparencies to support lessons
  • Packing guide

The edukit comes in a sturdy case on wheels.

Dimensions: 63 cm x 49 cm x 35 cm (25" x 20" x 14")
Weight: 20 kg (44 lbs)


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