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Weather Wise : A Virtual Exploration Guide to Weather and Climate

Weather Wise : A Virtual Exploration Guide to Weather and Climate

Program Description:

With downloadable activity sheets and exercises, and the use of the Internet, students increase their awareness of the consequences of global warming by exploring common elements of weather, the greenhouse effect, and climate change. Emphasis is placed on what we can all do to slow down the production of greenhouse gases and the resulting environmental damage.

Weather Wise: A Virtual Exploration Guide to Weather and Climate can be downloaded as independent modules. Worksheets for the modules can be reproduced as necessary for your classroom. You can also download the entire Guide as a single file. (.pdf file (1,006 Kb))



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Discover the basic elements that make up weather and the instruments used to measure them. Learn how weather data is collected and how meteorologist forecast tomorrow’s weather. The topics include:

  • Weather elements
  • Weather instruments
  • Forecasting and the weather network

Global Warming

Find out why our planet is warming up. Explore the concept of global warming and examine the basic principle of the greenhouse effect. The topics include:

  • Average temperature of the earth over time
  • The greenhouse effect and enhancement
  • Greenhouse gases and the link to fossil fuels

Climate Change and Our Responsibility

Discover the consequences of climate change and learn how our daily actions and choices can reduce harmful greenhouse gases. The topics include:

  • Effects of climate change
  • Consequences of climate change
  • Alternative Energy
  • Personal Choices

Learn about energy and the environment at the Tell me about Energy web page.

How to View and Print the Exploration Guide

Separate modules of our Exploration Guide are provided as Adobe Acrobat PDF files. If you do not have Acrobat® Reader, please click here to download it from the Adobe® Web site.

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