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February 27, 2013

Unleash your inner engineer and spend a fascinating March Break at the Canada Science and Technology Museum

OTTAWA, February 27, 2013 - Have you ever wanted to construct a giant marble run, or build a super-tall tower? These are some of the activities that await you during March Break at the Canada Science and Technology Museum (CSTM).

From March 2 to 17, the CSTM offers a great variety of exciting activities that will keep your mind on edge throughout March Break. Imagine the giant marble run you can create using funnels, pulleys and tubes. Build tall towers and bridges using Kapla blocks, while learning about the forces that keep them standing.

Celebrate National engineering Month with us, by assembling K’Nex structures on March 10, you may win a prize thanks to the Ottawa Chapter of Professional Engineers of Ontario, or explore some engineering marvels with our volunteer Engineers-in-residence on March 16.

On March 13 and 14, come discover the tactical unit robots used by the Ottawa Police Service to perform dangerous work.

If you’re looking to be impressed, come and see the Cowguys’ gravity-defying juggling act from March 11 to 15. How fast do you think a Rubik’s Cube can be solved? Did you ever try to solve one blindfolded? Come watch the Club de Cube de l’Escale’s amazing performances with these brain teasers, and learn some of their tricks from March 13 to 15.


Olivier Bouffard
Media relations

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