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February 10, 2015

Long-standing Technology Park landmarks to be taken down

OTTAWA, February 10, 2015 – For safety reasons related to their deterioration, the Atlas Rocket and the oil pumpjack that have for many years graced the lawns of Technology Park in front of the Canada Science and Technology Museum (CSTM) will be removed.

The exact date of the removal of the Atlas Rocket and the pumpjack is not known with certainty, and will depend on the judgment of the contractor hired to take down the structures based on weather conditions and other factors.

The Atlas Rocket is the property of the United States Air Force (USAF), who had loaned it to the Canada Science and Technology Museum. Over the years, weathering has deteriorated it. It has not been air tight for many years, and a compressor coupled to a generator have been required to maintain its internal pressure to prevent it from collapsing upon itself. As its deterioration advances and becomes more severe, practical solutions to maintain the required internal pressure to prevent it from crumpling and potentially injuring visitors to Technology Park are running out. The USAF has indicated it does not want the Atlas Rocket returned, and has provided instructions about the manner of its disposal which the CSTM will comply with.

Weathering has also damaged the oil pumpjack over the years, leading to fears some pieces could detach and injure Technology Park visitors. The pump jack will be taken down, and stored in the CSTM’s collection storage facility.



Olivier Bouffard
Media relations

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