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The New Canada Science and Technology Museum

Construction Update cstm

The Canada Science and Technology Museum is currently undergoing a renewal of its entire space. When it reopens, all 7,400 m2 (80,000 sq. ft.) will feature new exhibitions.

The Countdown is On! cstm

June 20, 2017 marks 150 days until the new Canada and Science Technology Museum opens! The Museum will open to the public at 9 a.m. EST on November 17, 2017.

Renewing the beloved Canada Science and Technology Museum cstm

The renewed, modern museum, set to open on November 17, 2017, will continue to promote and celebrate Canada’s long history of scientific and technological achievements, and inspire future innovation.

Technology in Our Lives Gallery cstm

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The Museum Park: An award-winning vision cstm

The Museum Park will allow visitors to play while at the same time inviting them to approach and enter the Museum. The Park will also take the opportunity to teach – acting as a conduit, a visual, playful and physical overture to the Museum itself.

Science and Tech News cstm

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