To what degree? Canada in a changing climate

Travelling photographic display

Canada’s changing climate is a deeply complex situation that presents us with both losses and opportunities. Adapting to it is challenging and necessary. This traveller shares Canadian stories; some hopeful, some disheartening, all true, and all happening right now.

Created in partnership with the Government of Canada and Canadian Geographic, To What Degree? Canada in a changing climate offers stories of people and ecosystems throughout Canada adapting in unique ways to our changing climate. Using compelling photography and minimal text, these stories explore individual and community resilience in the face of extreme events like heat, storms and wildfires; changes in livelihood due to habitat shifts, and even opportunities for quality of life improvements.

Digital Version Available.

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Detailed information on this travelling exhibition available for download in PDF format.

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Booking availability - Contact us for dates outreach-rayonnement@IngeniumCanada.org
Carleton University MacOdrum Library, Ottawa ON March 6 – mid-April 2018
Various Locations, City of Edmonton AB End of February to end of May 2018


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Toll free 1-866-442-4416 (in Canada)

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