From Earth to Us

The exhibition From Earth to Us explores how we transform natural resources to meet our needs and wants – and the resulting impact this has on the world around us. Visitors will delve into topics such as mining, materials, metallurgy, energy, climate change, and water resources.

In this interactive space, you can enter a prospector’s tent and get a taste of the adventurous life of a gold explorer. You can wander through a virtual mine; learn about inspiring, female miners; and discover past, current, and future mining technologies. Walk through an Energy Street where you can install a hydroelectric dam and operate a nuclear fusion reactor. Then, take a few minutes to visit the glacier – a contemplative space where you’ll hear the voices of those who are experiencing climate change first-hand.

There is a crack in everything

This stunning, interactive lightbulb installation is composed of 1867 bulbs from the museum’s collection – which date back to 1880. Visitors can choose a sequence of light to illuminate the installation, by turning bulbs on and off. Created by Sunniva Geuer and Lucas Ridgeway, Bouw Design Inc. and associates.

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