Steam: A World in Motion

If steam ships and locomotives could talk, what stories would they tell?

Steam: A World in Motion invites visitors to explore the glamour and grit of steam transportation in Canada from 1900 to 1960. Find out who built and operated the ships and locomotives that criss-crossed the globe, and discover the stories of some of the people who depended on them.

Try out some of the jobs of steam for yourself – by climbing into a locomotive cab to imagine yourself as a fireman, or running a digital roundhouse as the roundhouse foreman. Or try our virtual reality cab and see how you’d do as an engineer! Watch a Canadian-built triple expansion steam engine in action to understand how steam could power these massive vessels.

This exhibition will show you why steam reigned supreme in Canada – and why it was ultimately replaced as the primary way of powering locomotives and ships after 1960.

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