Hidden Worlds: Virtual Exhibition

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C. R. Percival spent his life capturing the beauty of nature so others could study it. His skill at collecting and preparing samples meant his slides were shared worldwide.

The conservation team at the Museum has taken micrographs (photographs through a microscope) of these slides.

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Orb-Weaver Spider

Crab Spider

Spider Eyes


Spider Fangs

Spider Feet from Tarantula

Polar Bear Hair

Bat Hair

Beaver Hair

Rhinoceros Horn Section

Palate (tongue) of a mollusc

Palate (tongue) of a Snail

Common Sole Skin

Monitor Lizard Skin

Crystals (Cadmium Chloride)

Crystals (Strontium Platinocyanide)

Diatoms on Algae

Marine Algae

Spines of Sand Dollar

Young Brittle Star

Bones of Brittle Star

Marine Worm

Spicules from Sea Fan

Shells from Stanley

Foraminifera from Herne Bay

Foraminifera from the Mediterranean Sea

Human Tooth Section

Sea Snail

Tentacles of Goose Barnacle