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Science Alive!

Check out the new podcast series that explores fascinating stories from the Canada Science and Technology Museums’ collection. Produced in partnership with Dave Schellenberg from Ottawa’s Live 88.5 radio station. Stay tuned for new episodes!

Science Alive Episode 10: Canada's First Car

Did you know that Canada’s first automobile had a horse and buggy design with a boiler and steam engine? On this episode of Science Alive, Dave talks with Curator of Transportation, Sharon Babaian about the steam buggy built by Quebec jeweller and watchmaker Henry Seth Taylor in 1867. Learn about the details of this unique vehicle and how its design was influenced by his skills as a jeweller.

Audio podcast, 10:12


Science Alive Episode 9: Soil Science

It surrounds us, and sustains us. It is probably Canada’s biggest natural resource - and yet the one that we ignore the most. On this episode of Science Alive, ‘dig in’ to soil science with the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum! In the podcast - get the details on how valuable it is to Canada - and a new exhibit that will change the way you think. In the video - learn how you can build an automatic green bin. It sits right inside your house or apartment - and makes soil… The secret? Worms.

Audio podcast, 6:44


Science Alive Episode 8: The Science behind Star Trek

Would teleportation work in real life? How fast is ‘warp speed’? On this episode of Science Alive, Dave chats with Erin Gregory, Assistant Curator for the Canada Aviation and Space Museum, all about the science behind Star Trek! On May 13th, the Canada Aviation and Space Museum launched an out of this world exhibition: Star Trek: The Starfleet Academy Experience.

Audio podcast, 12:21


Science Alive Episode 7: Hitchbot!

Take a ride with Hitchbot on this edition of Science Alive! What would you do if you saw a smiling robot by the side of the road… a robot with a plastic bucket for a body, pool noodles for arms and legs, and big rubber boots? Created to learn about how people interact with technology and ask the question, “Can robots trust human beings?” Hitchbot crossed Canada and most of Germany and the Netherlands. It was two weeks into its trip across the United States when reports say it was destroyed by vandals in Philadelphia. So - how did it end up at a museum in Ottawa?

Audio podcast, 7:07


Science Alive Episode 6: Gaming!

In the fall of 2016, the Canada Science and Technology Museum will be opening their travelling exhibition Game Changers at Science North in Sudbury. On this episode of Science Alive, Dave chats with assistant curator and gaming guru Sean Tudor about all the elements that make up a great video game. From story to graphics to great audio- it’s Game On at the Museum!

Audio podcast, 9:06


Science Alive: Episode 5: Fleet Cabin Car Trailer

What does an airplane manufacturer do when World War II ends? They have lost huge government contracts - but know that Canada is turning to thoughts of a more peaceful time. If you are Fleet - you have a plan to turn your airplane factories into camping trailer factories. In our current podcast and video at techno-science.ca - we check out the Fleet CabinCar made in 1947 - a low-priced, lightweight, roomy cabin trailer that looked amazing. It was a teardrop design - streamlined with room inside for two people to sleep - but not stand up - as well as storage space for clothing and everything else.

Audio podcast, 7:16


Science Alive! Episode 4: Zombies at the Museum

If you were trapped in the Museums’ collection warehouse during the zombie apocalypse- what would you use to defend yourself? Dave and Museum Conservator Erin Secord examine the creepier side of the Museums’ collection in this special, zombie-themed episode.

Audio podcast, 5:22


Science Alive! Episode 3: Rand McNally Globe

We’ve got the whole world in our hands! This week, Dave explores an iconic object from the Science and Technology Museum, the Rand McNally Globe. Travel around the world without leaving your desk as Dave interviews our curator, David Pantalony.

Audio podcast, 7:49


Episode 2: Tokamak Fusion Reactor

Nuclear power without the dangerous radiation. The tantalizing dream of the Tokamak Reactor, on this edition of Science Alive!

To celebrate Talk Energy Week, Dave dives behind the scenes with curator Anna Adamek to discover the electrifying stories behind some of our energy artifacts in the collection.

Audio podcast, 7:11


Episode 1: The Canadarm

It has travelled 624 million kilometers, and landed at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum. Dave is joined by assistant curator, Erin Gregory to discuss the adventures of our nation’s favourite limb- the Canadarm.

Audio podcast, 11:59


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