What to See and Do

Yours to Discover

Yours to Discover was created by Digital Artisan, EEPMON in collaboration with the social innovation team at Kind Village, a social impact start-up. The collaborators spent over a year in the museum vaults and interviewing staff and community members to learn about what inspires them and the issues they care most about.

The mural and accompanying online experience provide a rich visual narrative that explores the intersections of human innovation and ingenuity driven by the curiosity to advance science, technology, and social impact – past, present, and future.

This artwork showcases pivotal Canadian analogue and digital innovations, while offering a nod to the past and exploring the potential of the undiscovered.

The project considers innovation in artistic creation as expressed in a multi-surface, multi-sensory physical and digital experience – giving individuals much to see, feel, reflect upon, and do. This is a nod to historical artistic practices and evolving modern techniques.

The diverse and interactive experience offered to guests demonstrates the greater potential to use art as a means to inspire and create social impact, innovation, and community engagement.

The collaborators encourage individuals to use the Museum space and facilities as a place to create their own artistic and social innovation projects.


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