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You Are What You Drive was produced by graduate students from Carleton University's Masters in Public History Program in association with the Canada Science and Technology Museum.

The advertisements reproduced here are a small part of the De Bondt Collection at the Canada Science and Technology Museum. The collection contains approximately 10,000 automobile advertisements dating from the 1900s to the 1980s. This collection - which showcases advertising artwork in Canada - consists of a wide variety of automobile manufactures and models.

John De Bondt was born February 7th 1924 in Baarn, the Netherlands. A car enthusiast, De Bondt worked as an Information Officer for the Canadian Federal Government as well as for the United Nations. De Bondt was an avid collector of Canadian automobile advertisements and freelanced as a writer and automobile historian. He was the author of two books.


The content for this site was produced by graduate students of Digitizing History (Hist5702) at Carleton University: Angela Duffett, Thomas Bigelow, Kaleigh Bradley, Tuesday De Jong, Sebastian Major, Natascha Morrison, Elizabeth Paradis, Derek Strelioff.

Robert Gougeon built the database engine and introduced our project to his Web Development class.

Jahfer Husain, from the Interactive Multimedia & Design program of the School of Information Technology, designed the visual elements of the site.

The Digitizing History class would like to thank David McGee, Garth Wilson, and Mike Gagne from the Canada Museum of Science and Technology for their help with this project. We would also like to thank our Professor, James Opp.

Special thanks to Vanessa Michalik for her assistance.

Books by John De Bondt

Canada on Wheels: a Portfolio of Early Canadian Cars. Ottawa: Oberon Press, 1970.

They Don't Make Em Like That Anymore: a Picture History of Canadian Cars 1932-47. Ottawa: Oberon Press, 1987.